is Branding dying?

July 15, 2018

What is Branding?

Branding is the procedure of inventing an exceptional, easy to remember name and image of the product and services that the producer will provide. This name or logo gets embedded in the consumers’ conscious, mainly via online advertising campaigns with a reliable theme. Branding usually works towards attaining a noteworthy and distinguished name for its company in the market that fascinates and recalls its customers.

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While some opt for the cheapest way possible for branding their corporation by using Microsoft clip art, Word or PowerPoint to create flyers, VistaPrint to create their business cards and cheap $1 logo advertisements to make the logo that represents their company.  Others opt for spending thousands of dollars trying to create materials and websites that compete with multi-million and even billion-dollar organizations.


Reasons Why there’s a Decline in Branding

Resistant to Change

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With the change of time, there’s a change of technology and ideology to great extents. This means people are now looking for way different things than what they did before. At this point in time, you must reconsider your brand.  Your product and service should continuously develop and modify its offerings depending upon the needs of people. You should be able to keep up with the companies you’re in competition with or better yet get ahead of the times and offer some innovative and unique things that no one else does. Update your brand and its services from time to time or else the style and demand for your product would slowly start to decline.

Focusing on the Wrong Thing

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Believe me when I say this that if your company starts to chase short-term sales with very little interest as your long-term strategy, you will find that a lot of your customers will start to move on to the next company that clasps their attention.  Your company might have served the immediate needs of your customers but will have, by the end, failed to create a long-term impression. This will stop your customers from recalling your business if they ever need any such service again.

Developing an Unhealthy Relationship with your Customers

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Your brand is determined and classified by how your clients remember you and what you portray your brand as. It is important for you to connect with your customer and their evolving interests. Not indulging in this issue would eventually result in your brand simply fading away.

Chaotic Business

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Often when people are working on a small business they try to be involved in every little business trying to cover a variety of fields.  This can create a chaotic environment and end up with people not knowing what you do or who you are. Try to make your business about products and services that have an underlying purpose. Having a strategic plan to introduce products and services in an effective manner will also help you stay in the game.

Make sure you know your brand and how everything should be portrayed and presented. You can create an experience for your customer that they will remember for a long time.



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