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Rich media ads and why they are beneficial

July 14, 2018

Defining Rich Media Ads

‘Rich media’ is a web advertising term which is used to define: an online page ad that uses progressive and innovative technology like streaming video, showcasing downloaded applications programs that interact instantaneously with the user, and ads that modify once the user’s mouse passes over it.

Some examples of Rich ads are as follows:

  • An ad for a T.V show that includes a streaming video sample of a scene from the show
  • A mouse cursor that’s modified to a picture on a selected internet site if the user requests it (for example, a cursor that changes to a small red interrogation point on a website like

Benefits of Rich Media Ads

Rich Media advertising could be a type of advertising that utilizes an array of interactive digital media, as well as streaming, video, and audio. It represents a strong artistic opportunity, permitting campaigns to deliver way bigger impact. This weblog aims to know the variations between more acquainted ad varieties and to focus on the advantages of Rich Media ads.

Familiar ad formats embody text ads and customary show ads, either static or animated using tools like Flash, usually having just one interaction. rich Media ads are more complicated and permit for greater inventive freedom.

Rich Media is the use of interactivity or transmission to present an enhanced experience to an online user. when it’s utilized in advertising, it’s done so to draw in attention and/or to stand out amongst the massive volumes of ads and replica. With the complete help of innovative technology, Rich Media advertising continues to boost rapidly. Now, in this era especially, the need for these forms of ads has become a requirement for brand awareness.

Common varieties of Rich Media advertising are usually defined under three categories. These are the in-page ads, out-of page ads, and even in-stream ads.

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  • In-Page Ads: These kinds of in-page ads typically show themselves in numerous areas of an online page in the form of a rectangle or a predetermined banner.
  • Out-Of Page Ads: These consist of ads like Floating Ads, Pop-Up Ads, and Expandable Ads.
  • In-Stream Ads: These are ads that involve either pre or post-roll videos.

Rich Ads often consist of large file sizes and the ‘cost to make’ are usually high too, but there are various advantages that make it a cost-effective online ad campaign:

Advantages of Rich Media Ads

Rich Media ads are measurable and scalable: Typical banner ads enable advertisers to measure only impressions and click-throughs. Rich Media ads work towards empowering the advertisers to track and measure a range of necessary and often delicate browsing behaviors such as the number of users who viewed an embedded video or the proportion of video that was viewed.

Brand awareness: Rich Media ads, Flash, and streaming ads help in building brand awareness across different social platforms. These methods result better than the alternative online ad formats.

With the power to trace various actions, managing rich Ads falls within the realm of traditional metric-based Search marketing. Similar behavior is seen with Facebook advertising, that has expanded the scope of an exploration Marketer’s role.


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