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Using facebook’s machine learning for ad campaigns

July 11, 2018

Regardless of the recent information usage scandals submerging with Facebook, it nevertheless holds on to a massive advantage of user data that simply needs to be connected by smart marketers. And what better way to do that than the social media platform’s in-house machine learning algorithms? Here’s how you can run effective Facebook ad campaigns with machine learning.

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Any decent dealer would validate the fact that data is the essence of any marketing campaign. By gathering the accurate data at the correct time, fine-tuning the campaign for better efficiency becomes an effortless task. With Facebook, the possibilities are infinite merely because of the staggering amount of information it has in its hands.

It is inspiring to know that just directing accurately isn’t the end game of statistics at FB’s disposal. As a clever dealer, you can also use this wide-ranging data to optimize your automation choices. In turn, this assists you to run more operative and successful Facebook ad campaigns.


Here’s how you can use machine learning for your Facebook ad campaigns:


Set the Objective

Rather than spreading yourself thin and ineffective with multiple objectives in a single campaign, Facebook does it the better way. It asks you to set a singular objective per campaign. ‘Awareness’, ‘consideration’, ‘conversion’ – these are some of the broad categories you get to choose from when you create a new campaign on FB.

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With proper selection, you inform the machine learning algorithm which set of an audience should it present the ads too.  For example, it will place ads in front of those who are more likely to complete viewing a video, in case your campaign objective is set to ‘video views’

Get the Placement Right

You can optimize placements by looking to target multiple channels. In addition to the hugely popular Facebook platform, you can also pick Instagram and Messenger to expand your ads outreach (and thus improve its likelihood to perform better).

You can explore these channels as additional inventory to use along with Facebook and Audience Network. The algorithm computes the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and serves the ad to that channel where the CPM is the lowest, thereby improving ROI substantially.

However make sure to utilize it judiciously, though. When you create a new campaign, you can select all placements for the ads. Later on, depending on the success rates, you can add or drop individual placements as per its performance.

Optimise Ad Delivery

You can also select various options from the ‘Optimisation and delivery’ menu. Be it website conversions or placing ads to those people who are most likely to load the landing page by clicking on the ad link,  there are quite a few optimization choices presented to you in this menu. Keep testing with different selections and see which option gives you the maximum bang for your advertising dollars.

Facebook machine learning power has proven its mettle with many successful ad campaigns. With these factors, you manage to improve the success rate of your FB ad campaign with a smart utilization of machine learning

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