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Video Advertising and everything you need to know about it

July 4, 2018

General overview of Video Advertising

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Video advertising offers vast set of growing opportunities. Television experience, consumers embracing broadband, and succeeding change in Internet content, capabilities, and consumption all contribute to driving this growth. Despite the surge by both the consumer and advertiser, there are still many components of video advertising that are confusing, making the need for standards and best practices essential.

Buyer’s perspective over Video Advertising

The buyers of digital video advertising include the interactive and traditional ad agencies and stretch out to real advertisers, long-tail advertisers and affiliates. Generally, advanced video promoting purchasing mirrors other media purchasing practices. For the most part, digital video advertising buying mirrors other media buying behaviours. Today, traditional agencies and buyers of traditional media have lagged thus far but are entering the marketplace. Progress at agencies where digital buyers are working closely with traditional buyers presents a powerful model for the future. The sellers of digital video advertising range from the largest portals and media companies to the most specialised user-generated content sites on the web. The major online portals and broadcast media companies comprise the bulk of the video traffic c and all have made strategic moves in both the content and technology space to insure their leadership positions. The smaller content sites generally use both direct sales and/or network sales strategies to fulfil their inventory needs. To take advantage of incremental video advertising revenue many websites are now choosing to deploy In-Text video advertising within their content pages.


Three types of Video Ad formats

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  • Linear video ads – the ads are presented before, in the middle of, or after the video content is consumed by the user, in very much the same way a TV commercial can play before, during or after the chosen program.
  • Non-linear video ads – the ads run concurrently with the video content so the users see the ad while viewing the content.
  • Companion ads – commonly text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video experience.


What Video Advertising has to offer

The world of advertising is always growing developing. For people who still feel unsure or uncertain about the kind of video content that they need to create a positive impression with their audience, it’s worth noting that there are several different video advertising solutions available out there – from in-page video advertisements that appear during a blog-post, to linear video ads and more.

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