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LinkedIn’s native video ads

July 4, 2018


A while ago, LinkedIn began allowing users to upload videos, eventually it introduced video ads on it’s social platform. Keeping in mind the video ads, LinkedIn also decided to present its users with the ability to include native video advertisements on their Company Pages so a corporation that’s hiring can now highlight a video about their company, its moto, what they do and their work environment.

LinkedIn now allows companies to post a native video ad about their Company Pages on LinkedIn platform and then run targeted ad campaigns to help endorse their company and gain attraction by clients and interested audiences. However, the initial stages of this native video advertising were under testing. LinkedIn declared that it will be running a closed beta test of video for sponsored content with only a limited number of advertisers.

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The initial test group consisted of numerous companies like Prudential Financial and Microsoft. LinkedIn gradually made video for sponsored content accessible to all brands in the first half of 2018.

The new video ads originally unveiled on mobile and were later on added to desktops. LinkedIn’s reporting tools will also deliver statistical reports such as view count and views by percentage of completion.

How it will work

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Brands will be able to upload video content via Campaign Manager, their business pages or their showcase pages, and that content can then be promoted as part of sponsored content campaigns. The video ads will play automatically with no manual action required. However, the sound of the video advertisement is turned off until the viewer clicks for it. This acts in the favour of everyone as the video ad does not become and annoying feature of the website the harms its viewership.

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Native video ads will include the option wherein it provides brands with a similar targeting option as any other LinkedIn advertising options, that is, targeting through information from other related profiles, such as company extent, geography and occupation.

LinkedIn offers a match audiences program which allows brands to take their targeting to the account level to help spread their campaign ads further geographically. The program will work in the following manner. To target new accounts using your video ads, just upload a list of emails from the company CRM from prospects that are in the lead expansion stage. Followed by tracking the results with LinkedIn’s built-in conversion tracking.

What can it be used for

The videos can be used for various reasons. They could either simply build brand awareness, they can also lead straight to the advertisers’ website, or even be used to collect information.


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