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Introduction to Facebook’s Ad manager

June 29, 2018

Facebook is growing its reporting options since consolidating its Ads Manager and Power Editor last September. Advertisers will soon have access to an updated Ads Reporting platform that includes a drag-and-drop feature to customize the report around the metrics they want front and centre.

How it functions:

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  • Facebook Ads report encourages you to measure ROI for the time and resource invested into keeping up a solid profile.
  • The recently updated reports will include a side panel that gives sponsors a chance to alter advertisements on the same screen so that they don’t need to go back and forth between tables in the Ads Manager and editing panel making it possible to copy or erase campaigns and ads.
  • Reports will also have a new “creative reporting” metric to give advertisers insight into the creative ad elements — headline, text, call to action, image, video — that are performing best. Any creative used in multiple campaigns, ad sets or ads will be tracked to compare its results across campaigns.
  • Facebook says the refreshed Ads Reporting is launching next month, and that it is concentrating its advertising efforts on efficiency, education and optimization amid the following year.
  • While Facebook does a great job auto-optimizing your ad campaign, you still have to audit to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Also, you can perceive what’s working out well and apply new strategies to existing and upcoming ad campaigns.


Advantages with Advertising:

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  • Engagement metrics help you understand what Facebook ads get attention and what ads don’t. It helps you visualize various engagement metrics to measure growth and performance over time to see how you’re improving.
  • This new Ads Reporting experience will help you to analyze dimensions, for example, age, sexual orientation, situation and more to better see how your advertisement performed.

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  • The Success of your Facebook Ad campaign relies upon how exactly you can focus on your audience.
  • It lets you present demographic dimensions with detailed conversion data to make it enormously insightful for clients.



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