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Perks of pop-under ads

June 19, 2018

An alternative to the pop-up window advertisement is the pop-under advertisement. It opens a new browser window under the active window. Pop-under ads do not interrupt the user immediately but appear when the user closes the covering window, making it more difficult to determine which website created them.  Most pop-under ads trigger on a mouse click event listener attached directly to the document or the document’s body.

Here are some perks of using Pop-under ads:

Less disruptive

while pop-up might just get the job done, it annoys the user by showing up on top of the current window the person was working on. This irritates the user resulting in either never revisiting the site again or avoiding your company altogether. Sounds a little harsh, but yes, people actually do it! A pop-under ad does not obstruct the ongoing task of the user. He also pays attention to the ad while closing all the tabs and can never trace which site caused the ad to pop up in the first place.

Long lasting effect

A pop-up ad comes in the way of the user’s task and he immediately closes the tab without letting the ad sink into his mind and contemplates what it is about while a pop-under ad is given enough time to know what it’s about and if it’s useful or not. A pop-under is even more subtle, because it allows the user to perform their exit action, and then enters itself in your consciousness as you’re transitioning to a new topic of thought. It simply waits for you to pay attention to it causing no disruptions or harm.

Functioning: A pop-under ad technology involves two JavaScript functions introduced in 1997 with the Netscape 2.0B3 browser. Modern web publishers and advertisers use it to create a window in front of the user’s screen, load an advertisement, and then send it behind the screen.

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