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June 18, 2018


WordPress of blogspot? The toughest debate of all. Of course a person tends to incline towards the website that would provide us with the most benefits and increase our exposure to the outside world with the hopes of being recognized for our hard work. Monetizing your blog or website domain helps you earn money with the work you do provided the server determines your work as liable to be monetized. We will help you with a step to step guide on how to monetize your website.

1. Prepare your blog

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Create your blog with a catchy domain name. It’s essential that your name is exceptional and thought-provoking enough to grab the audience’s attention. Make sure you stick to a particular field of content to prioritize and emphasize on one field and not mix and match everything there is to add. Be precise with your interests and incline your content to one arena. For eg. a Food blog, Educational blog, Fashion blog, etc. Website servers tend to approve monetization only when the blog has a strong and precise content completely based on the field of expertise.

2. Grow visitors to increase Web traffic

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A crucial part of monetizing your site is to get a huge number of visitors daily. People should read your blog and share it based on what it has to offer. Sharing and inviting visitors will help you make your case for monetizing as you’ll earn more and more as the number goes up. Professional bloggers have 5,000-10,000 readers every day. Increasing visitors, increases web traffic on your website helping you get more exposure.

Ensure a great UI/UX: With many other sites offering similar services, user interface and user experience matters a lot when building a profit-driven audience. Making sure your UI/ UX is set and running, it helps increase and revisit people to your site.

3. Social Media Marketing

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Hiring a task force to increase traffic on your website will help you create a professional aspect of the blog. It’s no longer personal and conservative. It ensures a guaranteed number of visitors per day and the scale goes up from here. The site could also gain attention with personal measures such as sharing profits to partners, sharing links to personal sites and promoting it on a variety of social platforms such as Facebook page dedicated to the blog, Instagram, GIFs on Snapchat, etc.

4. Native Advertising, Memberships, Gated content, Ad sense, it’s all here

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Native advertising goes a long way to help you. Unlike display and banner ads, they go with the flow of the feel, look, and content of the page tricking the audience to believe it’s a part of it all. The underlying meaning of the ad is not grasped by all and helps you earn high profits as well as works in the favor of the audience and ad companies. Publishers team up with this Ad technology as they might be the experts of attracting the audience, but Ad technology helps with perfect prosecution of the project.

Special membership to your website provides the audience with a special treatment of your work that not everyone is allowed to see. The rush of that in the audience’s mind to see more of your work is nothing but dream like provided your work is excellent. Memberships are often paid and help the publisher earn extra money. While other form is to earn money through uncovering gated content that can only be seen on charging the audiences.

Lastly, the Ad sense operating system: It works towards commercializing your blog and helping you earn money with every click that people initiate. For you to monetize an account Ad Sense would decide if the blog is definite and famous enough to commercialize it. Also, Google Analytics is a tool that helps you better understand your site visitors and define the right strategy for your site. By integrating AdSense with Analytics, you can improve your ad performance and your audience’s experience.

Why choose us?

Our technology integrates the best Ad-Networks on the planet to deliver superior monetization for web and mobile publishers. We are a full-site monetization suite helping publishers successfully navigate through today’s dynamic Ad-Tech in order to help them grow and get exposure. We serve through rich demand sources like Programmatic Selling, Direct campaigns, Ad networks and Affiliates. We offer branding for almost every genre from business to lifestyle. Our offerings include content curation, programming, videos, worldwide geography, multiple ad formats, advanced targeting to ensure excellent results. Not to forget 24×7 hour support for every publisher to put them at ease while we ensure remarkable growth for their website.


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